The Draw: Lighter, cheaper, quicker, better

With March’s highly anticipated announcement of the P3x—by all accounts Cervélo’s update to the P5x—this new model retains all of the things triathletes loved about the P5x without the cost, the dicey handling, and the lack of lateral stiffness. Due to outsourcing materials overseas, the new P3x is able to come in at a much cheaper price, while still being almost as aero slippery as the P5x and boasting a more predictable ride through corners and quicker response. Both the improvements in handling and attack are attributed to an increase in head tube and bottom bracket stiffness, while the stuff that long-course triathletes need the most (most notably extensive nutrition storage) is further refined to help shave weight. Fans of the P5x expect to be knocked over by the ride improvements but saddened that there’s little place in the tri world for the P5x anymore.

Price: $8000

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