The Draw: Lively ride for good bike handlers

Canyon’s known for providing killer value right out of the box and this bike is no exception. Featuring a 64mm Mavic carbon wheelset, a mix of Ultegra derailleurs and brakes, and Dura-Ace shifters, the Speedmax is a race-ready rig that won’t need any immediate upgrades. A super-responsive front end handles either nimble or squirrely, depending on how you look at it, threading turns and steering around potholes like a champ—but chattering a bit in crosswinds and on rougher roads. Shifting is smooth and so is acceleration, leading us to deem this bike the reverse mullet of TT bikes: party in the front, business in the back. The Speedmax puts riders in an aggressive aero position that—while you can tinker with it—generally will put your elbows directly under your shoulders and your head right over the front wheel hub. The bike climbs with some pep, but descending fast in aero is only for the most confident riders.

18.84 lbs. (size small)

Price: $3600

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