The Draw: Super accurate, super light

*Best in Class*

While 4iiii isn’t the only name in the single-sided power meter business, it’s Precision Podium does have several unique features. Boasting one of the few rechargeable batteries in the category (battery life is about 60 hours per full charge), there’s no guessing or rushing out to the drug store for obscure watch batteries. 4iiii also claims a shocking ±1-percent accuracy for this setup, which puts it at the top of the pile for precision. Though like all single-sided power meters, the only caveat is that right-side power is only an estimate of left side, so L/R balance and similar metrics are not produced. With that said, 4iiii has a host of upgrade programs to get riders onto dual-sided systems without breaking the bank.

7.5g single

Price: $400

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