Has it been weeks (or maybe even months) since you've been in the pool? This workout from coach Sara McLarty is designed for you.

This is the perfect set to get swimming again after some dry time out.
Choose your spot in the ranges below based on your previous swim experience or current motivational levels.

  • Easy 5-10 minutes warm-up choice swim. Let your body get used to the water and stretch everything out.
  • 4-8 x 75 with :20 rest as: 25 right arm/25 left arm/25 swim
    Focus on the underwater pull and finish of the stroke.
  • 4-8 x 25 with :10 rest sculling with buoy between legs
    Reignite your connection with the water on your hands and forearms.
  • 5-10 minutes easy pull with equipment
    Use small paddles. Don’t stress your shoulders.
  • 4-8 x 50 with :15 rest kicking with fins and kickboard
    Feel the stretch in your ankles with pointed toes.
  • 4-8 x 50 with :15 rest building each 50 from slow to fast
    Build to 85 percent, and enjoy the freedom of the water.
  • 5-10 minutes easy swim cool-down