Hill repeats are a great way to build fitness and mix up your routine.

Hill repeats are a great way to build fitness and mix up your routine. Here are five hill workouts from different coaches that will leave you feeling fitter and stronger.

Running Hills and Drills
Coach Alison Kreideweis calls this workout “hills and drills” because it’s a combination of tried-and-true speedwork and dynamic drills on an incline. “I recommend starting on a short, gentle hill that takes less than a minute to reach the top,” she says. “As your fitness improves, you may graduate to longer, steeper hills.”
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The Hill Repeater
“The Hill Repeater is a workout that is intense and will work on two different—but equally-important—aspects of our running: the ascent and descent,” says coach Kenrick Smith. “The ascent portion of this workout will build speed, muscular strength, mental toughness, and stamina. The descent will help improve your leg turnover rate, work on how to recover quickly after climbing a hill, and teach how to keep effort high even when recovering. We have to remember the work isn’t complete at the top of the ascent, and we have to hit the descent just as hard, to focus on being efficient so we can recover while picking our pace back up.”
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Hidden Speedwork Hill Repeats
“It’s actually speedwork, you’re just doing it on a hill instead of a track,” coach Dave Sheanin says. “It’s awesome because you get the mental discipline of pacing (build over 2 mins—don’t just blast out of the gate) and the physiological benefit of threshold work without going above threshold (so your legs shouldn’t be trashed the next day).”
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Hill Running Weight Room
This workout uses fast uphill and downhill intervals combined with body-weight strength exercises to build the specific muscles—and tolerance—you’ll need. By mixing strength training in with the running workout, this set will not only build power, but it’ll also teach you to run hills with proper form while fatigued.
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Treadmill Hill Pyramid Quick Set
“Spice up your treadmill workouts by varying the speed and incline to significantly reduce boredom and give you the most bang for your buck,” coach Alison Kreideweis says. “You don’t need to spend countless hours at the gym to see results. A high intensity 30-minute sweat session can fire up your metabolism and help you burn extra calories for several hours after your workout too.”
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