The annual Interbike trade show heads north to another, smaller gambling mecca, but doesn’t disappoint with some fresh tri finds.

Goodbye Sin City, hello The Biggest Little City in the World. The annual Interbike trade show heads north to another, smaller gambling mecca, but doesn’t disappoint with some fresh tri finds.

Wonder Woman Custom Tri Bike
Though not exactly a new bike (those are few and far between at the show this year), this super unique Wonder Woman-themed airbrush paint job from Reno local Nick Lee was on display at the Smart Bike Washer booth.
Wonder Woman Custom Tri Bike
The artist was on hand to show off this one-of-a-kind custom paint job. Known for his Wonder Woman artwork, Nick Lee also does work on electric guitars, motorcycles, and custom cars.
Vision Ns Modular Compact Aero
Vision’s booth had a surprising collection of new aero gear, and this year’s theme was flexibility. Their Modular Aero Cranks feature a bolt-on chainring and sleek aero lines. Though availability will be announced shortly, these cranks will be released only in 170-175mm length with 52-36T and 50-34T combinations and cost $260. Weight: 869g.
Vision Metron TFA
Modular components are the name of the game for Vision’s latest line, and their new integrated aerobar, nicknamed “Snakebite,” has more adjustability than almost any other setup. From the extensions to even the basebar hand rests, everything can be moved, swapped, and flipped for an ideal fit. Availability is TBA, but these bars will cost $765 and weigh in at 1,155g. Look for Andy Potts and Andrew Starykowicz riding these in Kona.
Vitoria Triathlon Carbon
Though Italian shoemaker Vitoria has had their high-end Tri Pro BOA shoe out for a year now, their latest offering in the entry-level market is the Triathlon Carbon model. Weighing in at 213g (size 41.5), this $200 model has a carbon outsole with a single velcro strap and a very plush sock-like liner. Available now.
STAC VR Virtual Wind Tunnel
Though known mostly for its silent bike trainer, STAC’s founders are also independently interested in aerodynamics and bike position. STAC has offered their virtual wind tunnel testing via an iPad-mounted scanner (either mailed out or at a partner retailer) that scans one’s position and created a virtual model. The model is sent out and analyzed to help the athlete dial in their position using computational fluid dynamics at a fraction of the time and expense of a wind tunnel. Now STAC is offering a VR feature (only available in-store) that lets you move around your virtual model in space, moving through your body’s cutout and getting a 3D model of your turbulence. Expect to see more from STAC Zero’s VR system in Kona and available soon in partner shops.