The Draw: Killer Update, Do-It-All Machine

In 2017, one of the founding fathers of carbon bikes debuted their latest carbo to limited fanfare. After years of using their 4000 carbon frame—with some updates—Kestrel upgraded the frame with the hopes of invigorating a category they basically created. The resultant 5000 SL is one of the most well-rounded frames we tested. Incredible acceleration coupled with a remarkably smooth ride made this rig a total category killer. Despite an aggressive position out of the box (easily adjustable), this bike held its line even in wild crosswinds and rough downhills above 40mph. In person, the 5000 SL also boasted some of the sharpest visual lines (literally) of any bike we tested.

18.72 pounds (size L)

*Best in Class*

Review by Chris Foster