2018 Buyer's Guide

Watteam PowerBeat Gen2

The Draw: Pedal Power Meter with All the Fancy Data

WattTeam’s second generation PowerBeat, pictured here on an Ultegra crank, is the most a affordable dual-leg power meter on the market. They’ll give you independent left/right leg power data on both ANT+ as well as Bluetooth Smart, enabling easy connectivity to any app/device such as Zwift or your Garmin. The company also offers a single leg option for $259, though it’s limited as it simply doubles your single leg power to calculate overall power, and most athletes aren’t perfectly symmetrical. On the flip side, WattTeam also offers a buddy pack, so if you can find a friend, you can save even more if you go for two.

$399; $350 each for buddy pack

Review by Ray Maker

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