2018 Buyer's Guide

Wahoo KICKR 2017 + Wahoo CLIMB

The Draw: It Goes Up and Down (Seriously)

There’s nothing quite like the Wahoo CLIMB. Though technically it’s the Wahoo KICKR 2017 connected to a Wahoo CLIMB. The CLIMB unfortunately won’t work without a new 2017 Wahoo trainer, but once paired up to one, it’ll raise and lower the front of your bike to match the hills in Zwift and any other app that simulates incline. So be it Road Grand Tours or Rouvy, Kinomap or OneLap, it’ll all work the same way. Now, when you climb up a steep grade, it’ll actually feel like you’re climbing up a mountain. Certainly there are some studies around to debate the merits of utilizing different muscle groups while climbing, but just like the Neo’s big gimmick, sometimes it’s just about entertainment to get you through that session.

$1,200 (KICKR) + $600 (CLIMB)

Review by Ray Maker

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