2018 Buyer's Guide

TYR Competitor Tri Tank & 9” Short

The Draw: An Affordable Option for Newbies

If you’re on a budget or new to the sport, it’s hard to beat this kit. Though it’s affordable, there is nothing “cheap” about the tri top or the shorts. We love that the top is fairly long and that the shorts are available in a 9-inch version—if you’re new to wearing a tri kit, you’ll appreciate the modesty it provides. The stylish combination has everything you’ll need on race day: breathable, sun-protective fabric; ample storage for nutrition; and a comfortable, stylish fit. Our biggest complaint is that the seams and zipper are exposed, so wearing a solid anti-chafing agent with this kit is an absolute must— especially for longer distances.

$60 tank/ $75 short

Review by Roy Hichens

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