2018 Buyer's Guide

Reebok Harmony Road 2

The Draw: Happy High-Mileage Training

Testers kept going back to the Harmony Road 2 as a go-to shoe, because it works simply and simply works. Just as we strive to be efficient when getting off the bike—expending as little energy as possible from spent legs—the Harmony is a straightforward efficient ride, thanks in large part to the dual-density midsole which uses “KooshRide” foam that both absorbs and rebounds and doesn’t seem to fatigue. The geometry of the softer heel and springy forefoot really resonated with testers, as did the overall neutral-cushioned performance, supportive upper, and general fit.

$120; 10mm drop; W 8.9 oz/M 10.6 oz

*Honorable Mention*

Review by Adam Chase

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