2018 Buyer's Guide

Power2Max NG ECO

The Draw: Solid Accuracy with Little Fuss

Power2Max has long done well in the famed Kona bike count in terms of power meter usage, and for good reason: It’s accurate and relatively a ordable. This crank spider-based solution isn’t as easily movable between bikes as the pedal options, but you’ll save a bundle on it. Plus, most triathletes aren’t often moving power meters between bikes. The new ‘NG ECO’ option from Power2Max basically takes the best of the higher-end NG variant and slices the price by more than a third. It still has dual ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatibility, but forgoes some of the fancier pedaling metrics like left/right balance, pedal smoothness, and torque (that have questionable value for some).

$499; weight varies

Review by Ray Maker

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