2018 Buyer's Guide

Polar V800

The Draw: Trusty and Dependable, with New Updates

It may seem odd to recommend a watch that’s older than even the most stale gel packets in the back of your car, but the reality is the V800 continues to get new feature updates and maintains its rep as one of the most accurate units out there. This multisport-capable watch can do everything from receive smartphone notifications to control your GoPro, as well as allow you to race for a Strava KOM/CR using on-device Strava Live Segments. Not to mention all the usual stu like connecting to sensors, such as power meters and heart-rate straps. Note that Polar has teased a successor to this unit for the spring, but if you can find a good deal on this one, it’ll easily keep you well-positioned for many more years to come.


Review by Ray Maker

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