2018 Buyer's Guide

Epson Prosense 347

The Draw: Ultra-Long Battery Life Without The High Price

The Epson ProSense 347 is a mid-range multisport watch with an optical heart-rate sensor which easily tracks your heart rate, pace, and distance across swim/bike/run—no printer required. Interestingly enough, the ProSense 347 is actually just one of a series of units Epson offers, and if you don’t need the 46-hour GPS-on battery life, you can save $100 and grab the 307, which offers identical software/features at $249 instead—making it the least-expensive full-featured triathlon watch available. The one caveat: As of this writing, it doesn’t support cycling cadence sensors, though it sounds like that may be in the works. Still, it’s definitely an option to consider if you’re looking for something a bit different, if a tad clunky.


Review by Ray Maker

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