2018 Buyer's Guide

Elite Direto

The Draw: Best Bang for Your Buck

There’s no trainer in recent history that’s generated as much interest or buzz as the Elite Direto, which is somewhat surprising for a company not exactly well-known for generating buzz. This season, the new Direto hit all the checkboxes by simply being really darn accurate (+/- 2.5 percent, but usually better than that) as well as incredibly reasonably priced, especially for a direct-drive trainer (which means you remove your rear wheel). It’s compatible with all of the major and lesser-known apps across all of the ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart standards. More than that, it’s likely quieter than most trainers you’ve tried in the past, and it folds up pretty easily for quick storage if you’re in a tight spot.


*Best in Class*

Review by Ray Maker

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