2018 Buyer's Guide

CycleOps Magnus

The Draw: Simulates Big Hills at a Lower Cost

Planning on diving into Zwift? Or just want to work wattage without breaking the bank? The CycleOps Magnus smart trainer is an excellent mid-range trainer choice, as it can replicate hills up to 15 percent and provide resistance up to 1,500w—all while transmitting over ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart to apps and bike computers alike. It’s well-supported across not just the big apps like Trainer Road or Rouvy, but numerous smaller apps that are equally as interesting to keep you entertained in the winter. The wheel-on design can be a benefit for those who don’t want to deal with taking the tire off their bike, and the roller’s smart locking mechanism makes it simple to get the right tightness each time.


Review by Ray Maker

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