2018 Buyer's Guide

Apple Watch Series 3

The Draw: Phoneless Workouts

While the Apple Watch has hardly been known as a triathlete’s watch, the new Series 3 variant (and updates to existing models) has made it a viable option—especially if you want to break free of your phone. (Cellular capabilities are an option—you can get texts and make calls straight from your wrist, Inspector Gadget style, with your phone miles away). The Apple Watch is known for being the best all-around smartwatch there is, with superior wrist-based HR monitoring, and a flotilla of apps and nuances not found on any other device. Its ability to capture our swim workouts—including breaks—impressed us, though it’s di cult to seamlessly string together s/b/r. In other words, it’d be tough to quickly capture a race, but it excels at individual sports. At the time we wrote this review, the Watch didn’t integrate directly with popular fitness platforms like Strava or TrainingPeaks. To export your Apple workout data to all your favorite sites, you’ll have to use a third party app.

From $330

Review by Ray Maker

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