The Draw: Sturdy Short-Course Starter

Felt’s entry-level model has always been a favorite for people looking to take the first step into a dedicated tri rig. There’s good reason: The B14 boasts a solid spec that doesn’t cut unnecessary corners in saving a few bucks. Much like many of the lower-end carbon models, the setup out of the box can be a bit of a rough ride, but when standing up on the pedals, there’s equal responsiveness. The B14’s geometry is incredibly stable and predictable for high straight- line speeds and sitting in aero all day—a huge plus for those new to tri bikes. Without any changes, this is a great sprint- or Olympic- distance steed, and with a few comfort upgrades (saddle, carbon wheels) this can be a surprisingly solid bike for 70.3s and above.

20.7 pounds (size 56)

Review by Chris Foster