2018 Buyer's Guide

Zone 3 Vanquish

The Draw: Unparalleled Flexibility

Super flexibility all-around means this suit will hug your curves without hindering your stroke. No matter what your style—short and choppy, long and glidey—the Vanquish will back you up with evenly distributed buoyancy and gentle rotational aid. The bottom half comes flying o in transition, though you’ll want to exercise a little more caution with the thin wrist openings—a hasty yank could put a gash in your investment. Whether you’re doing a sprint or an Ironman, you’ll like this suit; though you might want to reserve it for race day and key prep workouts to ensure its longevity. No showing o on your everyday Saturday group swims! It seems to run a bit big in the chest, so if you’re not particularly muscly, size down a notch.


*Best in Class*

Review by Shaun Guest

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