2018 Buyer's Guide

Thule RoundTrip Transition

The Draw: Integrated Bike Stand

This is more than a bike case, it’s a gear hauler. At 54”x 15”x 37”, there’s room for spare wheels or an extra wetsuit, but the star of the show is the integrated, three-legged bike stand—perfect for travel prep or home maintenance work. This one was an easy packer: Drop the handlebars, secure the cranks, remove the wheels (padded bags included), foam wrap the frame, and lower the saddle. The fork and bottom bracket act as the anchor points on the bike holder, which clicks into the bottom of the case, and two ratchet buckles secure the case’s hood. Like we said, this is one big case (39 pounds empty), so lifting it loaded will likely require two. But this thermoplastic cocoon stands a great chance of deflecting the blows of air and ground travel.


*Best in Class*

Review by Michael Hotten

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