2018 Buyer's Guide

Ruster Sports Armored Hen House v3

The Draw: Two Bags Are Better Than One

Divide and conquer seems to be the idea behind the Hen House: two medium-sized bags, instead of one huge case, means you’ll likely avoid the oversize baggage fee. We loved the new 340-degree zipper that gets the main flap out of the way and makes tucking in the frame, fork, and bars easier. The separate wheel case now has its own wheels and a pop-up handle that gives it roller-bag function. But the most noticeable change is the camo design that gives the check-in agents another reason not to suspect “bike on board.” For a light system (22 pounds for both bags) the Hen House is still tough—due to its ballistic nylon material and industrial stitching. Bear in mind, it is also the most complicated and time-consuming to pack—plan on about an hour on your first attempt.


Review by Michael Hotten/em>

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