2018 Buyer's Guide

Speedo Fastskin Proton

The Draw: A Second-Skin Feel

We wish we had this wetsuit for our first tri. An immense amount of flexibility makes it super comfy. (And some room in the waist means anyone with a little extra midsection will want to check this suit out.) Speedo achieves this second-skin-like feel by using thinner neoprene in places throughout the suit, though there are some tradeoffs to be aware of. Thinner neo won’t be as warm or as buoyant and is a little more delicate than thicker construction—but it also won’t interfere with your stroke. And there are spots of thicker neo we appreciated, like panels on the front of the legs which helped our kicking. Just be careful tearing it o in transition so you can enjoy it for an entire season and beyond.


Review by Shaun Guest

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