2018 Buyer's Guide

De Soto Black Pearl

The Draw: Sensitive-skin-friendly float

This suit will float you fairly high up in the water, which could result in an improved distance- per-stroke count if you’re typically dragging. We loved that it’s made of a limestone- based (“geoprene”) rather than petroleum-based material for better sustainability. Bonus: The material can also be easier on sensitive skin. Flexibility in the arms is stellar, and the angled legs make for a quick transition. However, the pullover design does not—we had trouble getting the top o . That said, this suit was one our favorites for all-around training and year-round racing, remaining comfortable and performing well in all conditions. Extra bonus: Separate top and bottoms make it easy to get a perfect fit.

$280 pullover/$320 bibjohn

Review by Shaun Guest

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