2018 Buyer's Guide

Elite Tri Box

The Draw: Customizable Tri Bag

Tons of transition space at your local event? Sweet. Manhattan-level scarcity of real-estate? Got that covered too. Elite’s Tri Box is made of modular compartments and boxes that break down into as much—or as little—as you need on race day. While the manual looks complicated, the setup isn’t. We also loved that the whole thing can be folded down flat for transport, so you don’t have to wear your tri bag in the airport if you don’t want to. Our one concern with all of the moving parts is durability, but there was no evidence of weakness from our testing. Though not super waterproof due to the many seams, zippers, and Velcro (surprisingly no rain fly), it’s otherwise a very cool, unconventional concept for those who like to think outside the box.


Review by Chris Foster

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