2018 Buyer's Guide

DeSoto Transition Pack V8

The Draw: Monster Bag for Longtime Use

Totally overbuilt (in a good way), the newly-updated DeSoto favorite looks like it could be submerged underwater for years. Using super-thick denier polyester encased in a slick TPU laminate (an oil, grease, and abrasian-resistant soft plastic), this water-resistant beast uses burly zippers and a sealed-seam wetsuit compartment to make one of the toughest bags in the lineup. The presence of endless loops and pockets also gives you an opportunity to carry a veritable tri shop into a monsoon, if necessary. Though a little on the heavier side, the beefiness of this updated pack will definitely absorb all abuse.

$150; 65L (including expandable helmet holder)

*Best in Class*

Review by Chris Foster

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