$29, Swimoutlet.com

The draw: No fogging up. Ever.

We used these versatile goggles in open water, cold water, pool water and on sunny days and had zero issues with fogging. The goggles were also super comfortable with very soft silicone gaskets and easily adjustable straps. The only downside is that there is no nosepiece adjustment, so the Killas might not be the best fit for very narrow or wide faces.

$55 ($30 non-mirrored), Swimoutlet.com

The draw: Perfect for pool workouts

Designed and worn by Michael Phelps himself, this goggle excels in the concrete tank. Extremely low-profile lenses and straps made us feel like we should be climbing onto the blocks at the Olympic finals during a Masters swim. The lens clarity was some of the best we tested. These are not for open water, however, as it’s difficult to see out of the top of the lens when looking forward to sight.

$16, Swimoutlet.com

The draw: Small face fit

Swimmers with small faces will love the fit. The adjustable nosepiece is the most flexible of all the goggles tested and allowed the eye cups to move separately. The mirrored lenses weren’t too dark—they let in plenty of light on an overcast day while still doing the job on a sunny day. They come in a durable and easy-open plastic case that’s perfect for extra protection when tossing the Lightnings in a swim bag.

$60, Amazon.com

The draw: Clearest and brightest view

Sable is a company that only makes swimming goggles, so they focus on one thing and make a great product. The GX-100 is designed for triathletes and open-water swimmers with a polarized lens for whatever weather arrives on race day. Vision to the buoy was crystal clear whether swimming on a cloudy day, a foggy dawn or in glaring sun. Multiple nose bridges make finding a good fit easy.

$20, Swimoutlet.com

*Best in Class*

The draw: Long-distance comfort

These goggles will work for everything from a sprint to triple-iron-distance event. The silicone molds easily to any eye shape and doesn’t require tight straps to keep from leaking. The five nosepiece options swap out easily for a semi-custom fit. The rounded straps tended to move around, but that didn’t affect the gasket position.

$20 ($25 mirrored), Swimoutlet.com

The draw: Large lenses for a huge view

The large lens size and non-adjustable nosepieces mean these goggles won’t fit everyone. But if they fit you, you’ll love the clear, unobstructed view. The gaskets sit around instead of inside your eye socket to reduce eye fatigue after a long workout. Nine different lens options mean you can find the perfect pair for any condition.

$28 (up to $50 for polarized), Swimoutlet.com

The draw: Gender-specific options

One of the few goggles on the market that actually has a men’s and women’s version, the Kayennes also come in a small fit size and multiple lens options, including polarized, as shown. We liked that these low-profile lenses still have the “mask” feel with a wide range of vision.

– Goggle reviews by Sara McLarty