Photo: Oliver Baker

Fizik Mistica


*Best in Class*

The draw: No-slip grip

The Mistica features the same great build quality as Fizik’s previous model, the Tritone, but is a lot more comfortable. The sizeable pressure-relief groove and supportive sitting structure loads the rider’s pubic bones well while keeping pressure off of the sensitive perineum. Many Tritone critics disliked the feel of the saddle nose, so Fizik answered with a redesigned nose that has been rounded a bit compared to the Tritone for comfort. Some of our test riders still found it rigid, but overall it seems to be a big improvement. We found this saddle most comfortable with our weight-bearing bits parked just behind the nose and the saddle tipped slightly downward. We did not notice any slipping, even with the downward tilt, thanks to a generous anti-slip coating. As a bonus, this saddle features an integrated hydration mount that works well for up to three bottles.