Torhans VR Series 20 oz


The draw: An aero twist on a downtube bottle

The VR mounts just like a regular bottle cage to either the seat tube or downtube with included extra-long bottle cage bolts, and stays securely in place and rattle-free even on bumpy roads. It’s easy to fill from a sink, but is not the best choice for on-the-fly refilling due to the tiny bite valve opening (picture refilling your Camelbak via the end of a hose). The VR really shines for sprint- or Olympic-distance racing, when 20 ounces of fluid is enough to get you through the bike and you want to enhance your bike’s aero profile by filling in some of the gaps in the front triangle where the wind loves to hide and slow you down. The VR spout stays splash-free out on the road and the “bottle” is easy to grab for a quick sip from the bite valve before replacing it smoothly and securely in its mounting bracket.