Quintana Roo PRsix

$8,650, Quintanarootri.com

The draw: Everyday superbike

The original tri bike manufacturer, Quintana Roo continues to innovate while offering value. The PRsix sits at the top of its line and mixes real-world usage with unique innovation. While the double-diamond shape looks standard, a closer look shows otherwise. The downtube is asymmetrically shaped near the bottom bracket to push air to the “clean” side of the bike. The non-driveside chainstay is enormous, also aiding aerodynamics and incredible stiffness. Up front is a semi-integrated stem/bar, so you can replace the bars easily. Also easy to adjust are the standard Ultegra brakes. With Reynolds Strike wheels and Ultegra Di2 shifting, the PRsix is a superbike for those who want ease of use along with performance.