Photo: Oliver Baker

Sunglasses: ROKA Phantom


The draw: Versatile style

Inspired by ROKA’s first sponsored pro, Jesse Thomas, these premium aviators blend performance with a classic look. They’re the lightest of any in this review thanks to the titanium frame, but the nosepiece is only minimally adjustable, making it slightly wide for smaller faces. Aptly named “Geko pads” on the nose and temples keep the shades in place. The pads are made from a proprietary elastomer that becomes stickier the more water and sweat it’s exposed to. The lens clarity is pristine, and the anti-scratch, anti-fog and smudge-resistant coating helps keep it that way. The mirrored lenses are non-polarized, but the glasses are also available in three polarized options at a higher price point. Race-to-after-party versatility helps justify the steep price.

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