Photo: Oliver Baker

Bike cases: SciCon Aerocomfort Tri 3.0 TSA


The draw: Minimizes bike break-down

Bikes would pack easily if it weren’t for handlebars. SciCon (pronounced “SHE-con”) has attempted put an end to that with the Aerocomfort Tri 3.0 TSA. The bag is wider at the top on one end to make room for bars. With the wheels off, the bike is dropped into an aluminum frame and secured at the dropouts. Straps over the seat, top tube and bars provide additional stability. Your pedals and rear derailleur stay on. We struggled getting horizontal drops into the T-bar while ensuring that the chain was properly wrapped. The Aerocomfort is a soft bag with plastic shields strategically placed over the rear derailleur and wheel hubs. It comes with thru axle adapters and a TSA lock. Infrequent flyers will like the internal cheat sheet with step-by-step packing instructions.

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