A Workout For Transitioning Back To The Track

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Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 mins (or less!).

This week’s workout comes from Mario Fraioli, the head coach at Ekiden and author of the morning shakeout email newsletter. He suggests doing this workout, which he learned from legendary running coach Bob “Sev” Sevene, as you’re transitioning back into track training. “As a coach, this workout has become a go-to before my athletes begin doing any sort of regular speed work on the track,” Fraioli says. “Keeping things under control in terms of pace and recovery is key to making this session a success. While you might be tempted to run faster than 5K pace, shorten the rest, or otherwise try to make this workout a little more challenging, remember that it is not meant to be a real ball-buster. Save those for later in the training cycle.”

Read his original post about the workout’s origin here.

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The Sev Special

Warmup: Run easily for 10–20 minutes; follow with dynamic stretching exercises, drills, and 4-6 x 20-second strides.

Workout: 3 sets of 400m, 400m, 800m @ target 5K race pace, with 1:30-2:00 recovery after the 400m reps and 3:00 after the 800s.

Variations: For beginners, start with two sets if you’re not used to doing workouts on the track. Advanced runners can substitute the 800 in the last set with a mile at target 5K pace.

Cooldown: Run easily for 10-20 minutes, stretch, refuel.

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