Athletes and volunteers will join partners Race2Rebuild and Rebuilding Together Houston to help rebuild flood-damaged homes.

Next week, leading up to Ironman Texas North American Championship, athletes and volunteers will join nonprofit partners Race2Rebuild and Rebuilding Together Houston to help rebuild flood-damaged homes near Houston on Wednesday, May 11. (Want to help lend a hand? Sign up on Race2Rebuild’s site.)

The volunteer crew will help with multiple flood recovery projects, which include two homes owned by elderly women affected by the damage of the Memorial Day floods of 2015 and floods last month. The project is also being supported by Bank of America and a $10,000 grant from the Ironman Foundation.

“The historic May 2015 and April 2016 flooding events were devastating for thousands of families in the Houston region,” said Jim Soller Rebuilding Together Houston’s Executive Director in a press release. “Rebuilding Together Houston works to repair the homes of low-income elderly in and around Houston, but the support from the Ironman Foundation, Race2Rebuild and Bank of America allows us and our partners at the Greater Houston Storm Recovery Network to help in long term flood recovery efforts.”

Race2Rebuild, which was founded after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, has expanded its projects to communities all over the country—and into Mexico and Puerto Rico—to places affected by natural disasters. “A community’s recovery process after a disaster is the ultimate endurance event, and the ongoing flooding in Houston is a true test of resolve,” says Race2Rebuild President Sarah Hartmann.

Athletes and volunteers who want to participate in the Race2Rebuild Texas rebuilding project can sign up (before May 11) on Race2Rebuild’s site, and each person will receive safety training, event shirt, nutrition and hydration. You can also support the project from afar with a donation to Race2Rebuild’s fundraising campaign on CrowdRise, and top fundraisers will receive prizes from sponsors XRCEL, Champion System, blueseventy, Road ID, Timex Sports and more.

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