15-Minute TRX Run Strength Workout

1. TRX Hamstring Curl
2. TRX Hip Press
3. TRX Lunge
4. TRX Single-Leg Squat
5. TRX Cycle Jump
6. TRX Squat

Don’t have the time for an elaborate weight session at the gym? Try this short but effective TRX workout.

The TRX Suspension System is an invaluable tool for triathletes because of its emphasis on single-leg training and stability—two things we multisporters need to prevent injury and improve athletically. TRX can be used practically anywhere to increase intensity in some exercises (mountain climbers, push-ups) or for assistance in others (single-leg squats) to create a full-body workout. The pre-season is a great time to put an emphasis on strength training and injury prevention, and then carry it through the rest of your year. Aim to do this routine 2-3 times per week.

TRX Home Suspension Kit – $200, Trxtraining.com