Change up your morning meal with one of these tasty, good-for-you cereals or granolas.

Change up your morning meal with one of these tasty, good-for-you cereals or granolas. 

1. Wildway Grain-Free Granola

A great option for those who enjoy topping their yogurt with healthful granola but can’t eat gluten, this granola is made with all whole-food ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts and seeds. The texture is softer and chewier than the typical oat-based granola, and it comes in multiple top-notch flavors, such as Coconut Cashew (testers liked that one straight out of the bag, trail mix-style) and hearty Apple Cinnamon. $7.99,

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2. Peace Cereal Baobab Coconut

The crunchiness and mix of wheat flakes and whole grain oat clusters make this almost a blend of cereal and granola, perfect for mixing with milk or topping yogurt. The organic blend is mildly sweet and features coconut, almonds, honey and the superfruit baobab among its ingredients. $4.99, for stores

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3. Earnest Eats Energized Hot Cereal

This new oatmeal is made with a “supergrain” blend of oats, quinoa and amaranth in a microwaveable cup. Each flavor (shown in Mocha Nut) is made with 97 percent organic ingredients and is made with whole foods such as sunflower seeds, dried fruit and cinnamon plus coffee fruit, which adds a caffeine boost. Taste testers were fans of the not-too-sweet taste and mix of crunchy and soft textures (and convenience of the cup!). $2.99,

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4. Love Grown Foods Power O’s

The team at Love Grown Foods is promoting beans for breakfast—yes, beans. This toasted “O” cereal is made with navy beans, garbanzo beans and lentils and is surprisingly tasty—sweet with a savory undertone. The non-GMO ingredient list is a great source of filling fiber and protein. Opt for the honey flavor in your favorite milk. $4.99,

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5. Barbara’s Puffins

These puffed, crunchy squares are a favorite around the Triathlete offices. Taste testers love the non-GMO, wheat-free cereal mixed with milk or as a midday snack straight from the box. Try the peanut butter or cinnamon flavors. $5.49,

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