These are three of the best solutions we’ve found for taking your bike on a journey.

Three easy ways to get your bike where it needs to go.

Racing all over the world always sounds like an incredible idea—until the logistics of bike travel snap you back to reality. Bike cases can be bulky and shipping can cost hundreds of dollars from international destinations. These are three of the best solutions we’ve found for taking your bike on a journey.

BRING IT: SciCon Triathlon Bag

Finally! A travel bag that doesn’t mandate mechanic-level skills. SciCon’s Aerocomfort Triathlon bag is simple enough for even the most tech-
challenged triathlete. You only take off the wheels and pedals, secure the frame with straps and padding, and zip it on up. No disassembly of the bars or removing of your derailleur. Granted you can’t pass the bulky bag off as a “massage table” on airlines, but considering it’s easy to roll around and not heavy like a hard case, the hassle level is low. $670,

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Because it ships so many bikes, was able to negotiate rates that save 30–70 percent compared to shipping on your own. It’s a do-it-all company: It’ll pick your bike up (utilizing UPS and FedEx), help with paperwork for international events, provide you with packing supplies and ship it door-to-door or to your local shop with guaranteed delivery. Get a free price estimate on the site. (Example: Rates from Chicago to Kona were around $200 for two-day express shipping on the way there, $108 for two-day express on the way back.)

MEET IT THERE: TriBike Transport

Now serving more than 75 events around the world, TriBike Transport is the most hands-off, simplified way to get your bike to a race. Drop it at your local shop (along with a gear bag, if you want, for an extra fee) and it will be waiting for you at your event. You can also rent high-end race wheels and they’ll be ready for you onsite. And when the last thing you want to do is deal with your bike after the finish, you don’t have to—just return it to the TriBike tent right back in transition. Costs vary per event,