Bar makers are turning out savory creations full of punchy spices—and even meat—that are a welcome addition to store shelves.

Strong & KIND Hickory Smoked (
EPIC Bison Bacon Cranberry (
Bearded Brothers Bold The Greek (
Bricks Bars Turkey Sweet Potato (
Omni Bar Mango Curry (
Sheffa Everything Savory (
Amazing Grass Sweet and Savory Almond (
Mediterrea Sundried Tomato & Basil (
Clif Organic Energy Food Pizza Margherita (

Ever since PowerBar brought to market its first energy bar in the early 1980s (their original malt-nut flavor was scraped in 2006), athletes have been relying on bars to help them keep up the pace. But for too long the bar world was dominated by flavors that gravitated towards saccharine, that, over time, were bound to lead to serious palate fatigue. After all, there is only so much “natural” blueberry flavor you can stomach.

Thankfully, bar makers are now turning out savory creations full of punchy spicesand even meatthat are stealing shelf space. These items taste less like a glorified candy bar and more like, well, real food. Athletes can now sustain themselves on bars that are reminiscent of dinner at a smokehouse or pizza joint.

These bold options are definitely raising the bar and are a welcomed addition to the army of staid old flavors.

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