South Africa's Conrad Stoltz has announced that this Sunday's XTERRA European Championships will be his last race on the circuit.

South Africa’s Conrad Stoltz, a four-time XTERRA world champion, has announced that this Sunday’s XTERRA European Championships in England will likely be his last time competing on the circuit.

“I’m pretty sure this it,” Stoltz told XTERRA.

“I don’t have regrets. I’m 41, I had a fantastic career, have lots of memories and have done a lot of neat stuff,” said Stoltz, adding that the best thing that ever happened was the birth of his baby girl Xena in the off-season. “She changed our lives in a huge way. Everything else pales in comparison now that we have this little bundle. My retirement means we can really spend a lot of time with her and we literally have her with us all the time. Being a dad is indescribable. It’s awesome.”

In addition to the four XTERRA world titles, Stoltz also has an unprecedented 53 career wins in off-road triathlon.

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