Your fitness gains in the pool don't have to come with the sacrifice of healthy hair.

Prevent and treat swimming damage to your tresses with four simple strategies.

1. Use A Protecting Gel

During your pre-swim rinse, thoroughly wet your hair with water. This simple soak will minimize the amount of water your hair can absorb afterward. For added protection, apply a pre-swim protecting gel before donning a cap.

Phillip Kingsley Swimcap Cream
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Reflect Sports Pre-Swim Protecting Gel

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2. Choose The Right Cap

One-size-fits-all swim caps, especially those made of latex, can tug on the scalp and break hair follicles. Choose a cap made of silicone instead, and find one that is snug but not overly tight.

TYR Multi Silicone Swim Cap

Speedo Optimism Silicone Cap

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3. Use A Clarifying Shampoo

Chlorine bonds to skin and hair, requiring a thorough cleansing to remove residue post-swim. To expedite the process, use a clarifying shampoo or spray designed to remove chlorine from hair.

Doc’s Skincare All Natural Swim Shampoo
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TriSwim Shampoo & Conditioner Set
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4. Use A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Saltwater and chlorine can strip hair of its natural protective oils, resulting in loss of shine and decreased manageability. Restore your hair’s nutrients with a deep conditioning treatment at least once per week.

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment
$9, 0.85 OZ

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Are You Seeing Green?

Light-haired swimmers sometimes notice a greenish tint to their locks post-swim. If a swim-specific shampoo doesn’t correct the problem, try a home remedy. Swimmers have found a multitude of household products to be effective in removing hair discoloration: tomato juice, lemon juice, aspirin (dissolved in water), and baking soda are commonly recommended home treatments for swimmer’s hair.