Celebrate the triathlete-dad in your life with one of these 12 gift ideas.

Father's Day gift guide for triathletes
Sweet shades
Unlike other pieces of gear, there is no general rule for replacing a helmet based on mileage or time, says Randy Swart, Director of the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute. “A recent study proved that uncrashed helmets maintain their impact protection for longer than any triathlete would want to wear one.”

To ensure the full effectiveness of your helmet, scan the components for weaknesses. If any buckle is broken, the straps detach, or the plastic exterior has begun to crack, replace it.
Meat bars
Go big or go home cycling socks
Gluten-free brewski
A trucker hat
A hold-everything transition bag
A jogging stroller
Multisport watch
Creative cycling jersey
Road cycling shoes
A worthy investment

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