$150, Xterrawetsuits.com

These neoprene pants that fall mid-calf promote good form in pool training by helping to float the lower body toward the surface—fulfilling the same purpose as using a pull buoy. They can also be used in wetsuit-legal triathlon swims if you don’t like the constrictive upper-body feel of a full wetsuit but still want a little help.

$30, Aquasphereswim.com

Resistance cords are useful for the all important pre-race warm-up if you’re not able to get in the water before the start. This versatile option can also be used in pool training to accomplish various strengthening exercises. Velcro the cords around your ankles and secure at the edge of the pool, and the setup serves as an ad hoc stationary swim machine.

$400, Gopro.com

Waterproof up to 40 meters, the GoPro camera can be a useful tool for analyzing swim technique (or just showing off your perfect form on Instagram). The built-in touch display on the Hero4 Silver makes it easier and more convenient than ever to operate the camera, and the footage clarity is impressive.
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$22, Velopress.com

Olympic swimmer (gold medalist at the ’96 Games) and triathlete Sheila Taormina explains in her simple, straightforward teaching style how learning multiple swim strokes can benefit your freestyle speed. In pointing out the common elements of each stroke, she makes a convincing case for spending pool time developing all four strokes, which will make you a more efficient (read: faster!) swimmer.

$6, Finisinc.com

This oversized rubberband, when applied around your ankles during a pull set, keeps you honest by ensuring your feet are stationary—and not kicking to do the work that your upper body is meant to be doing. A swim bag staple for most pros, this simple tool will help build strength and power with your catch and pull by truly isolating your upper body.

$80, Tyr.com

This simple, sturdy bag will stash all your swim or race gear in its roomy 27-liter main compartment. You won’t lose track of your belongings in a dozen different compartments as with similar bags, and the top of the bag can roll down and buckle shut for a smaller carrying size. Made out of waterproof canvas, it won’t allow moisture in or out.