$65, Zootsports.com

Not all compression socks are created equal, and these from Zoot are a durable option. They will last through many wears and trips through the washing machine. These socks have a fun, futuristic style and are easy enough to get on while still providing the necessary support.

$100, Jaybirdsport.com

Have you noticed that toward the end of your long runs you have to pump up the volume on your music device to get the same sound quality? It’s a phenomenon known as “listener fatigue,” and the Bluetooth-enabled Freedom Sprint aims to squash it with an emphasis on sub-bass. These wireless headphones are comfortable and secure, and they come with a lifetime warranty against sweat.

$45, Nathansports.com

If your schedule requires that you run in the dark, this hand-held light is a great option for illuminating the road. A USB-rechargeable LED light sitting at a 24-degree downward angle lights the path ahead from a natural wrist position. Additional safety features include a red LED light on the back and an emergency siren.

$50, Fuelbelt.com

The new Helium line from FuelBelt promises to be 40 percent lighter than any other hydration belt on the market, and it delivers. It features new “Helium Hex-Foam,” which—in addition to eliminating weight—proves to be more breathable and comfortable. Gone is the bouncing sensation that comes with some other hydration belts. The added pocket can hold multiple gels, ID or a key.

From $20, Roadid.com

You’ll hardly notice this lightweight bracelet, available in 14 colors, but it could prove to be a lifesaver in an emergency. Customize the original version of the plate with your name and your loved ones’ contact info, or choose the interactive option and build an online profile that first responders can access.

$25, Saucony.com

These arm warmers, made from a combination of polyester and spandex, are a simple solution to staying warm and dry on the run in training or racing. These sleeves stay in place without fitting too snugly—which can be a challenge with many arm warmers. As a bonus, the UPF 50+ rating means they’ll protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

$30, Newbalance.com

If you often find yourself starting your runs in the dark and finishing in daylight, this is a useful piece of gear. At first glance it looks like your typical running hat, but four bright LEDs hidden under the bill illuminate the way. An easy click of the button turns the light off, leaving you with a comfortable, moisture-wicking hat.