This session simulates race surges, teaching the body how to suffer and then settle back into a reasonable pace.

Lauren Goss was the 2010 USAT U23 national champion and has since transitioned to Olympic-distance and half-Ironman events, posting wins this year at Ironman 70.3 Syracuse, 5150 Mont-Tremblant and 5150 New Orleans. Goss, who is coached by the legendary Dave Scott, shared this bike workout.

“I like this session because the longer VO2max segment makes me very uncomfortable—burns!—and instead of just slowing completely, the aerobic segment forces you to settle into a good pace for 6 or so minutes before recovering,” Goss says. “Oftentimes in races there are sudden surges, and it is extremely uncomfortable. This session simulates those times and teaches the body how to suffer and then settle back into a reasonable pace.”

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Lauren Goss’ Bike Surge Workout

20 minutes, including 6×20 seconds with 30 seconds recovery as:
#1–2 Low gear (cadence over 98 RPM) at VO2 effort
#3–4 Time-trial gear (88-94 RPM) at VO2 effort
#5–6 Big gear (75-83 RPM) at VO2 effort

Cruise for 3 minutes

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Main set
(do three times total)

3×45 seconds at VO2 effort, REST for 15 seconds

3.5 min at VO2 effort in time-trial gear directly into 2 miles aerobic (Ironman pace) and then 1 mile easy

Cruise home for cool-down

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