How To Choose The Right Goggles For You

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Choose your next pair of goggles based on the style that suits your needs.

I want: Performance

Performance goggles typically have a low-profile design to reduce drag. Most have an anti-fog feature that works only if the goggles are cleaned and maintained after each swim, so be sure to store them in a protective case between use. Peripheral vision with these goggles is typically limited, which isn’t ideal for all race scenarios. The metallized versions are excellent for blocking UV rays.

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I want: Durability

Chlorine destroys anything rubber or silicone, so for ultimate durability, Swede-style goggles are a good bet. The solid plastic gasket doesn’t degrade from pool chemistry. Before embracing these austere goggles, know that it takes time to become accustomed to the hard plastic pressing against your face.

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I want: A clear view

The swim mask design is the best option for navigating thick fog, choppy waves, rough currents or any other rough water condition. Masks take up a lot of room on the face, but their wide field of view can help create a sense of comfort in open water. If the mask seems too extreme, many companies, such as BlueSeventy and TYR, make open-water-specific goggles with enhanced peripheral vision.

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