Joe Gambles On Challenge Roth: “I’m An Underdog”

Joe Gambles is fresh off of his fourth-straight win at Ironman 70.3 Boulder, and he says that Challenge Roth has been a priority race for him the entire year. Gambles won his Ironman debut at Wisconsin in 2010 and will be looking for the biggest title of his career on Sunday.

“I told my coach back in December this was my ‘A’ race, and then Kona too. So, everything’s been building toward this in the last six months of training and how to tactically play it and how to respond to the right moves. In this race you need to be up front the whole day and then it’s the last man standing, especially with a field like this… I’ve got so many guys, in my mind, to try and knock off one at a time. I don’t have the Ironman credentials that these guys do; I’m more of a 70.3 athlete. I’m an underdog and it’s great. It’s great to have the guys like Luke McKenzie and Pete Jacobs and Dirk Bockel… the list goes on and they’re probably not that worried about me until I come off of the bike with them and I start running with them, and then they might start to consider me a threat.”

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