2014 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Bike Computers And Power Meters

Aaron Hersh /
Photo: John David Becker

The 2014 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide magazine is out on newsstands now (and check out the digital version), and we’re giving you a sneak peek right here. Check out the cycling computers from the guide below and check back to Triathlete.com for more Buyer’s Guide content.

Quarq Elsa 10R

$1,995, Quarq.com
The draw: Fully capable, easy to use

For a significant price bump from the Stages unit (reviewed at right), the Elsa 10R records the entire picture of energy output, not just one leg. Factor in the cost of the right arm needed to complete the Stages system and the difference becomes minor. Features like an easy-to-change battery and optional short crankarms make this power meter universally appealing for triathletes. For those who train on more than one bike, swapping this crank becomes simple with just a little practice.