Victor Del Corral’s Hardest Workout

Victor Del Corral at the 2013 Ironman Florida triathlon. Photo: Wagner Araujo

The back-to-back Ironman champ uses this workout to prep for the Ironman marathon.

Victor Del Corral’s Run Intervals Workout

Spanish pro Victor Del Corral usually performs this run workout, designed by his coach, Santi Pellejero, once a week in the final four weeks leading up to an Ironman (the final week he cuts the workout in half, to a total of 45 minutes of running with 20 total minutes of fartlek). “It’s good because you can feel your improvement every week and arrive confident in yourself for the Ironman marathon,” he says.

25 min warm-up
Fartlek 1

20 min as 2x[5 min at 3:50/km (6:10/mile) pace; 5 min at 3:40/km (5:54/mile) pace]
15 min easy run
Fartlek 2
20 min as 2x[6 min at 3:50/km (6:10/mile) pace; 4 min at 3:30/km (5:37/mile) pace]
10 min warm-down
Total: 90 min, 22 km (13.67 miles)

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In the late-season Ironman Florida in 2013, Victor Del Corral ran a 2:37 marathon to overcome almost a 20-minute deficit out of T2. He passed Ironman bike course record-holder Andrew Starykowicz in the final two miles of the race for a new course record (7:53:12). Two weeks later, he surprised again when he used a 2:43 marathon en route to an 8:02 Ironman Arizona victory. While relatively unknown in the U.S. triathlon scene, the Spaniard has racked up wins in Europe—2012 Ironman Lanzarote, and 2011 and 2012 Alpe d’Huez—since going pro in 2010. While he grew up mountain biking and has considerably more experience in duathlon and cross (off- road) triathlon than road triathlon, his back-to-back victories and impressive marathon splits make him one to watch in 2014.

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