Run hydration options from Camelbak, Nathan, Profile Design and Fuel Belt featured in the 2013 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide.

Four run hydration options from Camelbak, Nathan, Profile Design and Fuel Belt featured in the 2013 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide. More from the Buyer’s Guide.

Camelbak Arc Quick Grip

The draw: Hand-held for quick sips

If running with added bulk around your waist sounds cumbersome, the Arc Quick Grip offers another option. The small 10-ounce bottle sits in your palm and doesn’t rub or chafe. Running with two felt more natural and balanced than using just one. Since the bottle only holds 10 ounces, be prepared to bring two or find refills along the way.

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Nathan Triangle

The draw: Built for trails or brick workouts

Popular among trail runners, the soft holster carries a full-size 22-ounce bottle. Although it comes with its own bottle, other bottles also fit into the insulated holster, making it particularly useful during bricks, since you can grab a bottle right from the bike. It bounces more than belts with small bottles, but the tall padded belt helps distribute pressure and testers found it easy to grab and drink from. It also features a small pocket for car keys or electrolyte tabs.

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Profile Design Sync

The draw: Adjustable for preference

You can position the Sync bottles where you want them on your waist with the adjustable carriers, a feature testers liked to prevent hot spots. Rather than sliding into a holster, the bottles twist and snap securely into the unique carriers, and they’re easy to get in and out with a little practice. If you need more fluids, you can buy extra bottles and add them to the belt. Available in five sizes.

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Fuel Belt Revenge 4 Bottle Custom Fit

The draw: Long-course comfort

With four bottles that are easy to maneuver using one hand, the Revenge is the ultimate long-course hydration system. Bottles are easy to drink from and provide a lot of water with each swig. The tall, cushioned back pad and adjustable waist belt help with comfort. Testers recommend strapping the belt over shorts or a shirt to prevent rubbing or chaffing. The belt comes in four sizes.

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