Beginning Runner’s Speed Workout


Do this beginner-friendly run workout on the road, trail treadmill or track.

This week’s run workout comes from Mike Portman, a USAT Level I coach who runs Peregrine Coaching in the Bay Area ( Portman loves this workout because it includes just enough speedwork to include early in the season. “It’s a great workout to get the body to start learning how to get faster without the fatigue or strain of a longer track set,” he says. Plus, you can do this workout anywhere—road, trail, treadmill or track. If you’re just getting back to speed or doing it for the first time, Portman says to focus less on your actual pace and more on creating a difference in efforts.

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15 minutes easy jog
3x(20 seconds at 5K effort, 40 seconds jog), 2 minutes easy jog recovery

Main set

10x(1 minute at 5K-10K effort, 30 seconds walk, 30 seconds jog)


15 minutes easy jog

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