Trevor Wurtele and Sarah Piampiano won today's Ironman 70.3 New Orleans, which was turned into a duathlon due to weather conditions.

Canada’s Trevor Wurtele and the United States’ Sarah Piampiano won today’s Ironman 70.3 New Orleans, which was turned into a duathlon due to weather conditions. This was the second year in a row that the swim was cancelled due to weather. The field, which included 2010 Ironman world champ Mirinda Carfrae, kicked the day off with a two-mile run, followed that with a 56-mile bike ride and concluded the day with the 13.1-mile half marathon.

In the men’s race, Australia’s Mitchell Robins led after the first run leg, but it was the United States’ TJ Tollakson who went for it on the bike. He posted the fastest bike split of the day and held the front position going into the half marathon. Tollakson later tweeted about his race strategy: “Took a chapter from Prefontaine today…raced hard out front all day going for the win…finished 4th…but laid it all out there.” The all-out effort took its toll and Tollakson was passed by Wurtele, Australia’s Richie Cunningham and Great Britain’s Tom Lowe. Wurtele won in 3:23:51. Cunningham was second, with Lowe rounding out the podium.

The women’s race didn’t break up until the bike ride, with several women entering T1 within seconds of each other. Like Tollakson, Piampiano appeared to put an all-out effort on the bike and came into T2 with the lead. The effort paid off for Piampiano and she held the lead all the way to the tape, finishing first in 3:43:58. Canadian Heather Wurtele (wife of Trevor) also had a strong bike ride and earned second. Carfrae struggled on the bike and was forced to run through the field for any chance at a top finish. Her strength on the run was enough for the final podium spot.

Ironman 70.3 New Orleans
New Orleans, La. – April 22, 2012
2-mile run, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run

1. Trevor Wurtele 3:23:51
2. Richie Cunningham 3:24:04
3. Tom Lowe – 3:24:05
4. TJ Tollakson – 3:24:51
5. Patrick Evoe – 3:25:43
6. Christian Kemp – 3:25:57
7. Igor Amorelli – 3:27:02
8. Michael Lovato – 3:27:36
9. Chris McDonald – 3:28:1
10. Zach Ruble – 3:32:26

1. Sarah Piampiano 3:43:58
2. Heather Wurtele 3:45:53
3. Mirinda Carfrae 3:47:28
4. Amy Marsh 3:47:48
5. Caitlin Snow 3:48:59
6. Magali Tisseyre 3:50:52
7. Jennie Hansen 3:52:45
8. Kristin Andrews 3:55:26
9. Amber Ferreira 3:57:19
10. Annie Gervais 3:58:36

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